Welcome to my website where you will find a lot of photos and information on how to contact me. I would like to thankyou for checking me out, here is where I will tell you about myself. I'm 23 years old and from the east coast but now live downtown Chicago. I enjoy my life, I appreciate what life has had to offer me thus far. Companionship from people just like yourself has helped made me think that way because it frees me. Sensual intimate time rids my stress and keeps me wanting more.. I like that. That is what I look forward to happening when I meet someone, that we connect. That we can share a secret of a good time together. I'm a world traveler that makes me proud to be able to say for ive been able to do so on my own. Many things ive learned from my journeys but the main thing is to just let go and enjoy myself. I will try my best to make you feel free, desired, sexy and most of all enjoy yourself when your with me. In order to do that though I need to feel comfortable. I'm sure we both want to be discreet so I ask you to read my page titled "Roxanne (before we begin)"